Candy Island Princess Slot Review

Candy Island Princess Slot Review: RTP 96.20%, Low Volatility

In this Candy Island Princess slot review, you will figure out how the game works. It is one of the Play n Go slots that released in 2021, and has certain unique features that will set it apart from others in its genre. 

For one thing, it’s a 3-reel slot, so you’d expect that sort of classic design and graphics, but instead you’ll get an anime theme and a modern design that rivals any other now available.

Candy Island Princess Slot Review: A Cute Game

Candy Island Princess offers 5 active lines and a low volatility despite having only 3×3 reels (4 out of 10 rating). 

Nonetheless, high rollers can win up to $220,000 in cash with wins of up to 2,200x the bet. At the default setting of 96.20%, RTP appears to be good. You’ll find a couple of scatters, as well as bonuses like Behind the Scenes, Candy Splash, and free spins, if you look at the game’s special features.

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1. Wagering and Bonus

Candy Island Princess Slot Review

If you must, place a small wager, and the game will continue to spin with all five lines open. To achieve this, $0.05 will be enough. On the other hand, you can place bets of up to $100 or $20 per line on the slot.

It’s been classified as a low-medium volatility slot machine with a 4 out of 10 volatility grade, so it’ll be one that anyone can try. The maximum reward is 2,200 times the bet, which should be enough to interest you, especially if the risk isn’t too big.

At 96.20%, RTP is excellent, but it is only a guideline, and casinos can change it to a lower value. If the RTP isn’t mentioned, verify with the Play n GO casino before you start playing the game.

2. Features in The Slot

The female candidates are symbols that can be combined in various ways. Whenever such a combination appears, Candy Splash is triggered, a bonus in which the symbols in question grow to fill all reels and lines. Slot88 Sites online slot lot of features!

Another bonus you can get is Behind the Scenes, which requires three Camera symbols to be scattered. It’s a straightforward feature that pays out 5x to 2,000x the stake. Moreover, the Ticket is the second scatter. When just two are visible, a respin is triggered, attempting to locate the third one required for the free spins.

If you have three Tickets in view, the machine will award you with free spins. You can retrigger the feature up to five times, and the Candy Splash mechanic can appear in combinations of mixed Contestants rather than simply matching ones. 

Following the free spins, there is a small feature where you make selections and have a chance to earn a 2x multiplier, which will increase all previous wins.

3. Design and Theme

Anime films are popular these days, and given how much of this type of entertainment is available, it’s odd that we haven’t seen more slot machines with this design. 

The contestants’ revealing costumes, which are the highest paying symbols, may entice some players, but the low-paying candy symbols do not. Overall, it looks better than the normal 3-reel slot, and it’s worth checking out just for that.

In conclusion of our Candy Island Princess slot review, it is visually appealing, with a popular theme, and a feature combination that is far better than what one would expect from a 3-reel release. Overall, it’s a fun daftar slot online game that’s worth checking out.

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