Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo

Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo Machine Review (Relax Gaming)

Dead Riders Trail slot demo is a video slot from Relax Gaming that has 6 reels, 6 rows and up to 46,656 ways to win. The range of bets is between €0.2 and €20. In this infamous and highly volatile environment, the redistribution rate is 96.20%. To win an attractive win or even the jackpot which is 50,000 times your bet, you can count on fast cars, motorcycles, weapons of all kinds, and optimized features. These include Waterfalls, Stone Blocks, Spinning Wheel, Free Spins, Bonus Trail, Super Bonus Trail, and Buying Bonuses.

Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo: Get Ready For An Adrenaline – Pumping Adventure

Dead Riders Trail slot demo begins with an animation that feels like it came from one of the newest slot machines. You will see an armored car heading towards a woman in motorcycle gear and holding a detonator in her hands. This will then press the detonator and the vehicle will explode. 

When you land on the base game, you start with a 6×6 grid on which you will notice bandits, stone blocks, and playing card symbols. In the background, there are gangsters on motorcycles and on foot, holding all kinds of weapons. 

On the upper right side you will see a police car and a helicopter. There are also dollar bills floating in the air and the soundtrack gives the impression of being taken from the credits of the Fast and Furious saga, as if Ludacris is going to start rapping at any moment. other.

To get a win from this video game, you must land at least 3 symbols of the same type on adjacent lines, starting from the first reel on the left. This will remove all winning symbols and stone blocks near those symbols. New symbols will then fall, resulting in the formation of new wins. Dead Riders Trail can be played on all types of devices, computers, tablets and smartphones.

The lowest paying symbols in Dead Riders Trail slot demo this overheated atmosphere are represented by the deck of cards. When you land clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts, you are rewarded with a win of 0.4 times your bet for a combination of 6. The highest paying symbols are illustrated by four outlaws, including three men and one woman, as well as the Dead Rider logo represented by a death skull. 

These symbols pay between 0.6 and 2 times your bet for a winning combination of 6. The Wild, on the other hand, comes in the form of the road 666 sign and can replace all regular symbols. With Dead Riders Trail you can get a maximum win of 50,000 times your bet.

A Fabulous Prize Pool of 50,000 Times Your Bet At Your Fingertips

Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo

The main features of Dead Riders Trail slot demo are Wild symbol, cascading wins, stone blocks, wheel, free spins, Bonus Trail feature, Super Bonus Trail and bonus purchase.

The Wild: it is represented by the sign of route 666 and can replace all regular symbols. It can also land anywhere on reels 2-6.

Waterfalls: Each time you land a win, the symbols involved in that win vanish and new symbols fall from above. If you manage to form a new win, again the symbols involved disappear, favoring the landing of new symbols. The process will continue as long as new wins are formed and all cascades belong to one round.

Stone blocks: There are between 3 and 24 stone blocks on the grid at the start of each turn. Each stone block near a winning symbol will explode as the symbols vanish. By clearing the grid of all stone symbols, you will activate the wheel feature through which you will be rewarded with free spins and the Bonus Trail. If you remove all the stone blocks during the free spins, you get 3 extra spins.

The wheel: it is activated once all the stone blocks are destroyed in the base game of this demo slot. The wheel will land on 4-7 free spins or on the Bonus Trail. If you manage to land all 4 free spins, you can then choose to bet your spins with a 33% chance of getting the Bonus Trail. 

If you choose to wager 7 free spins, the odds of getting the Bonus Trail increase to 52%. However, if you don’t want to bet you will be directed to the free spins and if you lose you will also lose your free spins and be redirected to the base game.

Free Spins: You will enter this feature after activating the wheel by removing all stone blocks from the base game. Some stone blocks in the free spins feature bombs. This is more or less the same as Triple Jokers slot.

Each win landed near a block armed with a bomb will cause the entire reel to explode and turn all symbols to the same type. If you free the reels from the stone blocks, you will be rewarded with 3 extra spins. The function ends when you run out of turns.

The Bonus Trail: this is a game board with 39 positions. You have a pawn that can move from 1 to 6 squares on the board. Most positions have multipliers, and some have gold or silver trucks that reward different prizes. Landing on a multiplier increases the total win. 

For example from this Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo game, if your current win is 20 times and you get a 6 times multiplier, then your win will be 26 times your bet. You start with 3 squares which reset each time you land in a position with a fuel canister.

Each fuel canister used is immediately removed from the game board. The feature ends when you run out of spaces or when you get the maximum win of 50,000 times your stake. If you land on a silver truck, you are rewarded with the following features:

  • Cash: you get a gain of 25 to 50 times your bet;
  • Sniper: 3 to 6 randomly selected positions will have their value multiplied by 2;
  • Pay: A value between 3 and 10 times is added to all multiplier boxes;
  • Two-Knife: it allows you to add a value between 50 and 200 times to 2 up to 4 randomly selected boxes;
  • Shoot Back: the value of the current total win is placed randomly on 1 to 3 boxes;
  • Refuel: this function adds 2 to 4 canisters of fuel on the multiplier spaces;
  • Collect: the value of the 4 nearest multiplier boxes is collected;
  • Collect All: All multiplier values are collected;
  • Persistent Sniper: it functions like the normal sniper, but is rewarded at each turn for the rest of the function;
  • Persistent Two-Knife: It functions like the regular Two-Knife, but is also rewarded each turn for the rest of this function.

The maximum value for each multiplier box is 1,000 times. When you complete a stage on the game board, all multipliers are increased by 3 more times and a fuel canister on the counter.

Super Bonus Trail: This is the same as the normal Bonus Trail, except that the first silver truck is replaced with a gold truck, which increases the chances of activating high value features.

The purchase of bonuses: thanks to this function, you can buy any bonus. The wheel will cost you 50 times your bet, the Bonus Trail 90 times and the Super Bonus Trail 250 times.

Thus the discussion about Dead Riders Trail Slot Demo, hopefully it can be an inspiration for you.

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