Be Careful if Children Often Play Games, Games Can Damage the Eyes of Players

Indonesia is one of the countries that do not prohibit its citizens from playing games.

Why? Because the game provides many positive benefits, even though there are still negative effects from a game. And one of the bad effects is that games can damage the eyes.

Why did it happen? This happens because when playing, the players’ eyes continue to look at the smartphone or computer for a long time. Ultraviolet rays that are received by the eye for too long are able to make eye health decline even to the point of causing minus.

The government itself does not officially prohibit games from circulating in Indonesia because the government also knows that there are positive effects of games for the country

Indonesia itself is the country that most often sends delegates to play games. Not a few representatives from Indonesia who are able to compete and even beat representatives from other countries. This is one of the factors that make the government not immediately ban games circulating in Indonesia.

But even so, that does not mean that the government does not remind its citizens of the bad effects that can be caused by the game itself.

The government revealed that the bad effects of games after conducting research include that games can damage the eyes, games make the body unhealthy, games make mental health disturbed, game spend money.

Therefore, the government clearly explains to its citizens to be able to limit their time in playing online games. This is because the government cares about its citizens. He didn’t want his citizens to get any impact or bad effects caused by the game.

The game that is currently the pride of Indonesia because it is able to make Indonesia’s name increasingly rise among the world is very much of a kind.

Among them are counter strike online, point blank, PUBG, mobile legend, valorant, and mobile legend. Actually there are many more that will not be exhausted mentioned one by one.

The nominal given from the competition provider platform itself is worth tens of millions for those who compete domestically, up to hundreds of millions and billions for those who compete abroad.


Games can damage the eyes is real. In fact, now many school children feel the bad effects of the game. They must feel their eyesight impaired due to too long in playing the game.

Many school children whose age is arguably too young already suffer from minus eye, plus eye and other eye diseases. Really this is something that is very unfortunate if only a game has to give up the health of the eyes decreasing

Although online games have many negative impacts as well, they are not insignificant when compared to the effects caused by similar games, namely gambling. Gambling has many negative effects and none of them has a positive effect on the players or the country, this of course should be avoided.

Lots of gambling circulating among the public including game slot online from for example, domino gambling, online soccer gambling, trusted online slots and many others. The government itself has strictly prohibited its citizens from gambling due to the fatal adverse effects that could befall the players.

Different from gambling, the bad effects of playing games can still be prevented by playing games not too long. According to experts, the effects of games can damage the eyes can be avoided by playing games for only 2 to 3 hours.