Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot

Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo: Features, RTP & Volatility

Over 60 slots have been released by the Malta-based company PG Soft (also known as Pocket Games Soft) in its first five years of operation. They concentrate on mobile gaming, specifically to “revolutionize mobile app gamification,” like their rival Hacksaw Gaming. a high objective. One option to do this may be to license ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels feature for their Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo, which has an Egyptian theme.

However, they weren’t the first business to release a slot machine using the Infinity Reels license. Boomerang Studios won the prize with their mediocre slot Crystal Wolf. By being a visually appealing game for mobile devices, Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo showcases PG Soft’s design skills.

With all of the extra space available on a desktop, it isn’t quite as enticing. With a lot of empty space remaining, the game and menu options have been condensed to resemble those on a mobile device. Since PG Soft has made it quite apparent that mobile gaming is their primary objective, this is more of a report back than a criticism.

The stone columns on either side and the high-quality images give the default 3-reel grid a great, sturdy appearance. Rules and other information are shown on a ticker-tape above the reels, and the overall placement is excellently small. Additionally, the audio is excellent.

Given that the slot machine has an Egyptian theme, the music is a well-known Arabic groover. A chesty portrait of Cleopatra welcomes gamers on the home screen, and you can see dancing girls and slaves handing out exotic foods.

This slot demo can be played on any platform, as previously said, however mobile devices offer the best experience. In the wagering menu that appears when the coins symbol is clicked above the spin button, players can change the bet size from 0.01 to 0.1 and the bet level from 1 to 10. This results in total stakes that range from 10% to £10.

The statistics are strong as well, with an astounding RTP of 96.74% and very high volatility that complements the snowballing mechanics/features. Huge potential exists, but it’s unclear whether it can actually be realized.

With each spin, twelve blocks, including a few dead blocker tiles, fall onto the grid. The paytable contains a total of 10 regular symbols: 6 royals (9-A), Ankhs, an Eye of Horus, birds, and Cleopatra. Each premium symbol is valued between 0.3 and 0.5 times the stake. A win requires a different approach than usual. A combination must start on the first reel and consist of five or more identical symbols.

Each symbol in the combo is valued individually, and the win multiplier is then applied. Five Cleopatra symbols on the first two reels, for instance, pay 2.5 times the wager. Any regular payout can be substituted by the wild golden pyramid symbol. It does not have its own value and can occur on any reel aside from the first.

Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo: Features

Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot
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The Infinity Reels concept, which combines with win multipliers and is topped off by triggered free spins, is the game’s main feature in Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo. A reel is added to the right at any time during the game if the rightmost reel improves or is a part of a winning combination. As long as these criteria are met, reels can be added without end. A tracker above the reels keeps track of how many winning symbols are being used as the reels fill up.

The win multiplier is set to x1 at the beginning of every spin in the main game. The multiplier rises by one for each additional reel that is added to the grid. The multiplier is added to the win when the winning combination is completed, and it then resets to x1 along with the reels.

The blue/golden scarab scatter symbol, which can show up anywhere on the reels, is the final one to be discussed. There will be an additional reel added if the scatter lands on the rightmost reel. When all three appear at once, you are given 10 free spins, plus 2 extra spins for each scatter you acquire after the first three.

Following that, players have a choice between collecting their free spins or taking a chance to enhance the win multiplier increment. When a wheel is spun, the multiplier increment rises by 1 to a maximum of +4 if it stops on a green segment. The free spins function, however, is nullified if the pointer lands on any other area.

The multiplier rises by the appropriate increment number when a player is receiving free spins, starting at x1. Instead of returning to x1 between spins, it does not do so this time. Additionally, free spins can be retriggered, which is wonderful news. How? are you going to play this Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Game Slot? You must play this game because it is very popular and interesting. If you want to play this game, you can visit the slot88 site to play it.

Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo: Verdict

Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo is as fantastic as it gets for a portable Infinity Reels-based game. A nicely designed slot from PG Soft features some strong statistics to support the gameplay.

Playing it on a desktop is a little worthless because you miss a lot of the experience because the background image is just a hazy placeholder. The rich scrolling visuals of ReelPlay’s own titles, notably Odin Infinity Reels, are absent, but PG Soft chose to make this trade-off.

Although it might not look as good, Secrets of Cleopatra Slot doesn’t feel like it lacks anything in terms of gameplay or other aspects. Perhaps the 888x jackpot, then. ReelPlay frequently tries to fit into their. However, when studying PG, players could not even realize its absence. Soft claim payouts of up to one million times the stake are available.

Although it’s possible that there are infinite reels, you might require infinity plus one to obtain such a high number. Alternately, risk spinning the wheel of free spins a few times to win the multiplier with increments of +4. No easy task.

All things considered, Secrets of Cleopatra Infinity Reels Slot Demo is a fantastic game to play on your smartphone if you enjoy some reel expanding action. Although it doesn’t quite have the same visual feast as ReelPlay’s more recent versions do, it nevertheless manages to reproduce all the thrills and winning potential on a smaller screen.

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